She came to the church, a battered single mom with her 6 month old son.  She had never been to a church and yet figured a church was a safe place.  She was welcomed, assisted in calling an out of town family member to pick her up later that day, fed, supplied trash bags to go gather her personal belongings.  While waiting in a Sunday School room she asked a member who’s that a picture of on the wall.  It was a picture of Jesus.  “Who is he?”   She had been raised by an atheist grandmother after witnessing at the age of 12 her dad shoot her mom and then shoot himself.  The member shared about Jesus, the bible and took her up to the sanctuary.  She expressed a feeling of such peace.  She wanted that in her life.  She accepted Jesus as her Savior…the picture of the man on the wall.  Her family member picked her up that evening.  A week later she called the church member to let that person know she was attending church with her family member and was thankful for introducing her to Jesus, the man in the picture!

Seeing Jesus!