Greetings Pastor Ken,  I have shared with you that CUMC offers many opportunities / divine appointments to make a difference in other peoples lives through out the week.. We see  that this happens alot during the wednesday outreach in all areas – the food pantry, clothing closet, hair cuts, heavenly nails and project access.

Well this past Sunday – 1/8/2017 Buddy noticed a couple that had entered the church sanctuary. The female was without any socks, shoes, coat or hat on the coldest day of the year. And the guy had no coat to wear.  Buddy greeted them and seeing the obvious immediate need , advised me of the problem and asked if I could help find some of the clothing items.

I headed to the back 1st floor hallway where we had placed several bags of donated clothes earlier that morning. I was thinking to myself – what are the odds of finding in the newly donated bags all the clothing items that were needed by the couple. So I told God that I knew He could produce the needed items and to help me find them. With about 10 bags in the back hallway, i spotted two large black ones and opened them up to get started. In them , I found a women’s pair of shoes size 9, just what the lady needed along with a pair of new thermal socks. And a women’s winter coat & a warm pull over hat. And in the other bag was a nice winter jacket for the guy. All I could say was, ” God , your really amazing.!” This is like a WOW moment. With the couple’s warm clothing on them, they sat smiling and got to enjoy the rest of the worship service.

I was reminded that morning during the 7:30 prayer time in the sanctuary with you, Buddy and myself.:
2 Corinthians 8 : 1-7 was read.  Encouraging us as a church to be generous in helping others. Just a couple of hours later, thoses scripture verses were lived out in a practical way for that couple. May CUMC always be a beacon of hope and blessing to the people in this community !